We collected the most frequently asked questions and answered them:

1) I bought a ticket but didn't receive an email with it. What do I do?

The email is probably in your in spam or promo folder. If you really didn’t get the email, contact us via  tix@bgplus.live

2) I bought a ticket but received only a receipt. Is it a ticket?

No. Besides a receipt you should receive an email with the tickets which allow you to attend a concert. If you didn’t get the email with the tickets, contact us via tix@bgplus.live

3) I made a mistake while filling in my email address. Can you send a ticket to the correct email?

Yes. Contact us via  tix@bgplus.live

4) I accidentally deleted a ticket. Can I renew it?

Yes. Contact us via  tix@bgplus.live

5) I want a ticket refund. How can I get it?

Refund policy here  https://bgplus.live/cancellation/

6) I didn’t find the answer to my question. What do I do?

If you have a question regarding tickets, write to us at  tix@bgplus.live